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Filmmakers. Musicians. Communicators.

Sentang Entertainment is an all-rounded film and music creative studio that creates relevant and memorable content. We strive to solve the creative demands of content production in the digital and social age with clients through a nimble, proficient and innovative workflow.

It’s about the hustle.

Often, nothing great comes easy.

Creatively and functionally, we are relentless in pursuing the balance that breathes life into ideas that complements the needs and demands of reality.

It’s about the finesse.

There are award-winning work that cannot be remembered and then there are work with no awards that cannot be forgotten. Being savvy and tactful about what we can do with what we have, allows us to be distinct when pushing boundaries to create relevant and memorable work.

It’s about the people.

Cultivating a tight-knit group of talented individuals and building a creative ecosystem means we are ready to take on anything. The only way to do epic sh*t is to do it together.


It’s about the big picture.

Beyond the mega pixels and technicalities, we want to harness the impact of films and music to influence a new generation of content that can excite, entertain and effect the masses.


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